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Aureus Gala 2022

21 March 2022

The night we’re all looking forward to, gala! The theme was a White Tie party, so the girls appeared in...

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Aureus Wintersports Trip 2022

4 March 2022

After a year of corona, Aureus’s wintersport trip could finally take place this year! On Saturday, the 5th of February...

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How to ‘Hospiteren’?

21 February 2022

Finally! You found a house in Amsterdam and you’re invited to a hospi. But what do you have to wear?...

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14 January 2022

Happy New year! 2022 has finally arrived and we can’t wait for what’s in store for us! 2021 was a...

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Fun things to do during lockdown in Amsterdam

3 December 2021

We're back in lockdown, sadly. Pubs and restaurants are closing early, making nighttime outings impossible for the time being. But...

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Home workouts

16 June 2021

The corona measures are going to loosen up more and more! More and more things are allowed, even the gym...

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Corona-proof activities with friends

22 March 2021

Getting together with friends has been way harder these past times. No more big house parties, going out for dinner...

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Healthy Recipes

1 February 2021

We have started 2021! To start fresh, we have come up with a few healthy recipes to build up your...

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Playlist Inspiration

18 January 2021

Music is an essential part of our daily lives, we hear all kinds of songs throughout the day. Whether it...

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