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Why should I become a member?

Well first of all, a membership at Aureus is completely FREE! If that is not enough to convince you, we have listed all the other reasons below for you.

During your student life, you will come across a lot of difficulties. This is where a membership at Aureus comes in handy. We can help you in many different ways during your years as a student:

  • Discount on your study books; as a member of Aureus, you receive up to 15% discount at the VU Boekhandel on the ground floor of the main building!
  • Free summaries; Aureus provides you with a platform full of top-notch free summaries created by your fellow students!
  • Discount on tutoring courses; as a member of Aureus, you will receive a discount of 10% on tutoring courses provided by our partner AthenaStudies!
  • Access to our own Career Platform; are you looking for a side job during your studies? As an Aureus member you will find the most relevant jobs for you on our very own Career Platform!
  • Discount on e-assessment packages; Thanks to our collaboration with Hellotest, all Aureus members get great discounts on e-assessment packages in case you want to practice before your application!

Being a student means working on your future career. The university supports you with the tools to prepare you academically, but there is more to offer:

  • Meeting your future employer;
  • Going abroad;
  • Gaining practical experience in a committee;
  • Many social activities
  • And of course… it’s FREE!

To help you make the best choices for your future, join Aureus, the Study Association of the School of Business and Economics at the VU.

As a member you get a lot of privileges:

  • Social activities: All study-phases have their own committees organizing social events, business trips and activities in order to prepare you for your future!
  • Career events: The biggest events we organize are focused on helping you kick-start your career. As an Aureus member you can apply for all of these events, and hopefully we can help you connect to your future employer!
  • Become a committee member: You can also participate in committees organizing (social) events and international trips. After becoming a member, you can apply to become an active member. As an active member you’ll have additional opportunities and privileges.

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