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Become a Member

Why should I become a member?

Being a student means working on your future career. The university supports you with the tools to prepare you academically, but there is more to offer:

  • Meeting your future employer;
  • Going abroad;
  • Gaining practical experience in a committee;
  • Many social activities
  • And of course… it’s FREE!

To help you make the best choices for your future, join Aureus, the Study Association of the School of Business and Economics at the VU.

As a member you get a lot of privileges:

  • Social activities: All study-phases have their own committees organizing social events, business trips and activities in order to prepare you for your future!
  • Services: We offer many extra services like tutoring, a bookstore with discount and an online career platform where you can find business profiles and vacancies.
  • Become active: You can also participate in committees organizing (social) events and international trips. After becoming a member, you can apply to become an active member. As an active member you’ll have additional opportunities and privileges.

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