Update from ARP Committee 2021!

11-12-2020: Update from ARP Committee 2021!


If we have to have to define how these last few months went, one word would describe it perfectly: change. As you may know, the destination, at the beginning of the academic year, was kept unchanged from last year as the research was stopped prematurely due to COVID-19. We were supposed to go to Peru!

After long hours of meeting and debating we finally made the decision to cancel Peru for the following reason:

– COVID-19 is still among us. It would not be responsible for 15 students to travel to another continent.

And so, we decided to choose another country. Finally, we decided on Poland. A very interesting emerging market, close by, that immediately caught our attention!


The past month we have been busy with acquisitions and trainings. There is still a high chance that, even though Poland is nearby, we will not be able to travel this year. However, we are still planning to complete the research online. Together with the consultants, we are with a total of 15 highly motivated and enthusiastic students that cannot wait what 2021 will bring to us. One thing is sure is that we are more excited than ever to start helping companies expanding their businesses to Poland!