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Hospitality & Tourism

In recent years Colombia has been changing to a new flourishing tourist destination. The current tourist hotspot Cartagena is rich in history and offers mind blowing views in the forms of mountains, beaches and forestation. Colombia is a very diverse destination, making it very common that nearby cities experience a totally different climate. In the South, the country is home to the Andean region with some of the most beautiful amazons in South America which are represented in world famous TV shows such as Narcos. The North of Colombia is a more Caribbean Region including the Sierra Nevade de Santa Marta mountain range and the Guajira desert. In total 6 natural regions are formed in Colombia with all different characteristics appealing to each different tourist group. The real adventurer could be found canoeing down the Yahuarcaca lakes near Leticia while a student could be found exploring Bogota, a rising hip city rich in culture.

Tourism in Colombia has more than doubled since 2006 and is expected to keep rising. The Colombian GDP is growing but the purchasing power is still much lower than any Western country making it not only an attractive destination, but also an affordable destination. In-country travel in Colombia is a popular mode of travel amongst tourists within Colombia as it saves time and is the safest mode of travelling.