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Very satisfied with Amsterdam Research Project 2019!

Last year, a couple of our consultants went to Colombia to help resolve a transportation issue for Schiphol Group. We were asked to give advice on how the transport of agricultural products could be more efficient. In this article, we talk with Roos Bakker of Schiphol Group about the positive sides of working with the […]

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Import and export in Peru

Peru is a consumer market of 32 million people, strategically located in the centre of the region, facing the Pacific Ocean. The country holds over 140 trade deals, including free trade agreements (FTAs), multilateral alliances, bilateral cooperation agreements, and more. Having trade deals with the European Union, the UK, China, the US, India, Australia, the […]

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Peruvian cabinet and Premier Zeballos present their plan for the next 18 months

President Martin Vizcarra enacted several pieces of legislation yesterday and announced Premier Vicente Zeballos’s government plan for the remaining 18 months of this administration Zeballos presented his plan to local at the government palace, 30 days after he was sworn in as premier when Congress denied a vote of confidence to his predecessor, Salvador del […]

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A New Adventure

Living and working in Medellín Interview with Bas Groot About five months ago Bas Groot moved for indefinite time from Amsterdam to Medellín to start a new chapter in his still young career. At the moment, 25-year-old Bas Groot fully enjoys working and living in the beautiful city of Medellín. He started as graduation intern […]

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Colombia as Tech Hub

Colombia as Latin America’s tech hub Not too long ago, the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency published an alarming report about the shortage of personnel in the Dutch information technology sector. This shortage is starting to become a serious problem for IT-companies. Digitization has caused a sharp rise in the demand for web developers, programmers and […]

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Trade Mission to Colombia

Trade mission to Colombia in November 2019 with Prime Minister Rutte The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is organizing a trade mission to Colombia, led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The trade mission takes place in Colombia on 25 – 29 November 2018. The primary focus of the trade mission is to introduce companies from the Kingdom […]

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Quesería Holándes

The Colombian business adventure of a young Dutch entrepreneur Tobias, 29 years old and born in Gouda, moved to Colombia in 2016 to realize his dream: making and selling Dutch-style cheeses in Colombia. During his studies he spent some time in Cali, cooperating with local farmers to find new business models aimed at reducing poverty. […]

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Doing Business in Colombia

Doing Business in Colombia The post-peace accord environment in Colombia is expected to generate a period of stability and economic prosperity that will create development of several key sectors.  The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently published a report with an overview of the best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects and business opportunities in Colombia […]

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FTA • An Update

By Tim de Ridder  Often times, the companies we talk to are interested in what the status of the free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam is. At this point, officials are still in the process of finalizing and ratifying the deal. We therefore take this opportunity to inform you on the current status. […]

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FTA • Fruit and vegetables

By Benjamin Hoogeveen In the last few years, Vietnam has expanded its fruit and vegetable exports tremendously. The demand of Vietnamese vegetables and fruits is growing in Europe, Australia, the U.S. and Japan. In 2017, the total export of vegetables and fruit will grow to approximately $3.7 billion, 8.4 times higher than in 2010. The […]

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Opportunities for the dairy industry in Vietnam

By Benjamin Hoogeveen With the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Vietnam coming up, it’s useful to know which developments are relevant in your line of business. This week, we look at developments in the trading of dairy products; the trading of dairy products is going to be fully liberalized within 6 years […]

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Free Trade Agreement between EU and Vietnam

In December 2015, Vietnam and the EU concluded negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement  in order to foster economic growth and liberalize trade. This trade agreement is one of the most ambitious agreements the EU has ever concluded with an economically emerging country. The mutual benefits are profound, since Vietnam will get better access to […]

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