Amsterdam Research Project

Since 1999, the Amsterdam Research Project (ARP) has shown extensive expertise in business consultancy and research in foreign countries. ARP focuses on companies based in the Netherlands who want to expand their business to upcoming economies and provides strategic and tailor-made solutions for organizations of all sizes. ARP offers high-quality research at cost price, tailor-made approach customised for your company and field research with locally verified data.

The project’s track record shows high-quality results that enabled partner organisations to obtain a competitive edge overseas. ARP is a non-profit organization run by master students from the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam who are carefully selected by senior staff members of VU University.  ARP aims for the best possible quality. These highly motivated students are offered an extraordinary opportunity to gain tangible experience(s) and obtain valuable skills for their professional career. This cuts both ways since you get to work with these students and potentially find your future employees and colleagues in this multi-disciplinary group of master students. The students are professionally trained by top consultants and experts from firms such as Deloitte, KPMG & PwC. Therefore our group of student consultants receives the full support of VU Amsterdam. Moreover, the student consultants are coached throughout the project by two renowned professors of the VU Amsterdam.

ARP will provide you with desk-research in the Netherlands, five weeks of field-research on location and a full report including all findings on an academic and practical level. As an organization, you will only need to pay a cost price per student consultant, which makes the ARP far more affordable than most consultancy firms. Besides that, we have experienced that we can often open typically closed doors by making use of our status as students.

For the 23rd consecutive year, a group of highly motivated and ambitious master’s students is going to the Philippines – a country with an upcoming economy to research business opportunities for Dutch-based organizations and businesses.