Anne Li van der Veen • MSc Transport & Supply Chain Management

Name:Anne Li van der Veen
Master: MSc Transport & Supply Chain Management
Age: 21
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Email address: [email protected]
Previous education: BSc Business Administration

Hi all,

My name is Anne Li and I’m 21 years old. After finishing my bachelors in Business Administration with a specialisation in TSCM I wasn’t sure yet if Supply Chain was the field that I was truly interested in. Therefore, I decided to take a gap year and gain some experience in the industry through internships. Spending six months in global procurement logistics and another six months in global logistics steering teams showed me how dynamic and interesting the industry is. Which made me decide to start the TSCM master at the VU. What I like most about the master is that it focuses on both the transportation and the supply chain side. Feel free to reach out in case of any questions via email or LinkedIn. More than happy to tell you more about the program or internship experiences.