The Aureus Impact Month (AIM) is here! ⭐️

interesting and fun events around the topics of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), social inclusivity, and environmental sustainability. With the AIM, we want to create a lasting impact by inspiring and motivating SBE students for sustainability and inclusivity to incorporate these into their daily lives to become responsible leaders of tomorrow! 

Check out all the events of the AIM below:

As an association, Aureus holds an exemplary role for students and therefore it’s important to be working on CSR. We’re ready for positive change to Maximize our Future, but we acknowledge that we’re not there yet. To make progress in making Aureus a more sustainable and inclusive association, we need as many students to be on board. If you want to know more about CSR at Aureus, check out this page.

If you have any questions or comments for the CSR Committee, please contact us through [email protected]. We hope to see you soon at the AIM events!


The CSR Committee 💛