A foreword by the Chairwoman • Lisa Conzemius

In collaboration with RSVP Caribbean, GDP 2020 got in touch with businesses in Mandeville, Jamaica. These businesses need support to develop themselves further and strengthen their roots.

Partner • RSVP Caribbean

RSVP Caribbean Volunteers was conceptualized and developed based on the need for suitable, affordable and safe needs-based programmes and projects for volunteers who wish to come to the Caribbean. The focus is on the Caribbean because the socio-economic issues such as illiteracy; poor health services and facilities; inadequate access to, or, unaffordable health care; high unemployment; poverty; improper sanitation in schools and communities; lack of access to basic necessities (food, clothing and shelter); insufficient programmes for the elderly, the homeless and persons with disabilities and many other issues continue to be a challenge in Caribbean islands. The RSVP Caribbean Volunteers Team has over 20 years of combined experience in volunteer placement and working with volunteers from over 40 countries.