The Aureus Development Program (ADP) is a project by Aureus, carried out by bachelor and
master students from the SBE of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The aim of ADP is
two-sided: on the one hand, it aims to improve the lives of people in developing countries by
helping an NGO address social, economic and environmental issues. ADP does this by
performing research for an NGO about how they could improve their practices

While simultaneously helping the NGO and thereby the local communities involved, the project also broadens the horizon of students participating in the project by allowing them to
apply their academic knowledge and practice teamwork, as well as learn more about other

The ADP team consists of 6 committee members.

The project is divided into 4 phases:

  • Choosing a country and reaching out to NGOs to find a suitable project to support.
  • Raising funds to support the project and performing desk research about the country of choice.
  • Traveling to the country of choice to conduct research for three consecutive weeks.
  • Writing a consultancy report based on the findings, which will help the NGO to improve their practices to help the local communities and small business.

In July, the ADP team starts their journey to the developing country and help the
entrepreneurs for 3 weeks to make a real difference.