6 Reasons why you should apply for ADP!

The Aureus Development Program is one of the committees of study association Aureus. This golden committee organizes multiple events throughout the year to raise money. During three weeks in July, the committee and 10 participants will take a trip and conduct volunteer work during the week. Past years, ADP has been to South Africa, Uganda, Panama and more! The ADP group usually become tight friends and the trip in the summer is the cherry on top of an amazing year of working together. If this does not already sound amazing to you, then here are seven reasons why YOU should join!

You have a purpose during corona times

Studying from home, not being able to sport with your full team and missing your friends. Corona is hard on everybody. We are all basically waiting for this pandemic to be over. However, by joining ADP, you don’t have to wait of it to be over. Together we can work on a meaningful project. If you are bored, you can just do some ADP tasks. Besides, you are 100% sure that you have something to do during part of the summer. Not everybody can say this!


You build a network of adventurous friends

ADP consists of highly motivated students. They are willing to help the less fortunate and they want to put their extra effort and time into this project. Such an ambitious group of people is not only valuable to have in your network for later, they are also a lot of fun to hang out with. Over the year you will work together and do team building activities. Therefore, joining ADP is a guarantee you will make 14 new friends who will last you a lifetime!

You help people who are less fortunate

ADP is a lot of fun, but it is also a very important and meaningful cause. People in developing countries are less educated than we are and they need our help and knowledge to become better. Especially with the economic consequences of COVID-19, your effort is much needed to help families escape poverty and to give them a brighter future. 

GDP is the perfect bridge between your studies and your future job

By joining the Aureus Development Program, you take your study knowledge and put it into practice. You learn to collaborate, you learn how to communicate with people with different backgrounds and how to conduct business across the border. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

You get free trainings 

In order for our team to get the best result possible from our project, you will get trainings from Aureus. These trainings can be fun, such as wine tasting and team building, or they can help you develop certain useful skills, such as with our acquisition training. 

Committee member perks

As an Aureus committee member, you do not only get free trainings, there are lots of other exclusive activities. Committee members get to go to exclusive ‘borrels’ and at the end of the year, each member will get an end-of-the-year present as a reward for all the effort put into the committee.