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Step 1. Choose your MSc programme

First of all, choosing your Master’s programme is not an easy question. During your time as a Bachelor student, it is important to orientate in fields you find interesting and to broaden your knowledge base to prepare yourself for a Master’s programme. In the course of your Bachelor’s programme, you will also come across courses that you do not find appealing. This will help narrow down your future programme choices. The eight steps on the Aureus Advice Platform will guide you through the process, from choosing a suited Master’s programme towards finding your dream job.

Orientation for your Master’s direction
Choosing which Master you would like to do after your Bachelor is an important choice, as it will influence future job opportunities. The sooner you start orientating, the easier it is to find a suitable Master’s programme.

Visit the SBE website for more information about the specific programmes Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has to offer. On this website, you will find more information about the admission and application procedure as well.

Master Programmes at VU Amsterdam

  1. Accounting and Control
  2. Business in Society (MPhil joint Research Master).
  3. Economics
  4. Entrepreneurship (joint Master with University of Amsterdam)
  5. Finance
  6. Marketing
  7. Quantitative Risk Management (Duisenberg Honours Programme)
  8. Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics
  9. BA specialisations:
    Digital Business & Innovation
    Duisenberg Honours Programme in Financial Markets & Regulation
    Financial Management
    Human Resource Management
    International Management
    Leadership and Change Management
    Management Consulting
    Strategy & Organization
    Transport & Supply Chain Management


Aureus Business Month
Besides visiting the SBE website, Aureus organize the Aureus Business Month (ABM) in November.  This event is focused on Bachelor and Master students who are orientating on their Master’s choice and career orientation. The goals are to provide students with an impression of what the different master directions have to offer and what type of jobs are to be expected.

The next step: Job Orientation
After the step of choosing your potential Master’s programme, it is important to start orientating on your future job prospects. Important to note is that these steps are not necessarily part of a linear process. You can go over the 8 steps of the Aureus Advice Platform in parallel or iterative fashion.