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Step 2. Job Orientation

Just as choosing your Master’s programme is not an easy choice, to know what kind of job you want to start with may be even more difficult. For both Bachelor and Master students it is important to start orientating on possible job opportunities during your study time. By doing so, you will get a head start regarding possible career prospects and you will already have gained some knowledge about the job application process.

This second step on the Aureus Advice Platform will help you prepare for your future career.

1. Start with yourself

Who am I?
Make a list of characteristics that describe your personality and capabilities. A few examples of characteristics are: ambitious, charismatic, cheerful, creative, enthusiastic, driven, flexible, honest, independent,  organized, and responsible.
By thinking about your personality traits and own characteristics, you will able to determine what kind of work environment suits you. There are several tools to help you create a more crystalized image about your personality. The Belbin Test, Inside Discovery and the DISC test are several examples of such tools.

What skills do I have?
What type of skill set do I have? What makes me stand out from the crowd? There are two types of skills companies are looking for: hard skills and soft skills.
Hard skills include the expertise necessary for an individual to successfully do the job. They are job-specific, some examples of hard skills include: computer programming, mathematics, web design, typing,  writing,  legal and other quantifiable skills that are included in the requirements for a job.

Employers also seek applicants with good soft skills. These are the interpersonal skills that enable you to succeed in your working environment. You will often hear these skills referred to as “people” skills. Although they are harder to quantify, they are absolutely necessary for success on the job. Soft skills  are personality traits that affect interpersonal relations. These include characteristics such as leadership, communication, and empathy.

The Aureus Academy offer you the possibility to maximize both your hard and soft skills.

What do I want?
As cheesy as the following sentence may sound, the first step in finding a job is to understand what you are most passionate about and what you do best. You can ask yourself questions such as:

  • What gets me out of bed in the morning?
  • If I did not need money, what would I do in life?
  • What do I want to be remembered for in life?
  • What do I believe I do best?
  • What do others say I do best?

Allow yourself some time to think these questions through. The answers to these questions provide a strong base for your future job hunt. Once you have a clear view of your passions and strengths, more company related questions can be answered:

  • What type of company would I like to work for? Types vary from Start-ups to Corporates. Click here to see a variety of Startups.
  • Where would I like to work? Which country, city, or location suits my lifestyle?
  • What kind of work environment would I like to work in? Would I like to work from 9 to 5? What kind of work culture does suit my personality?
  • Would I like to start my first job with a Traineeship or a Starters function? Click here to so see what the difference is between them.

2. Search for potential jobs and companies

Your search for potential jobs and companies starts at the Aureus Career Platform. The Aureus Career Platform serves as a stepping stone towards your future job. Vacancies, company profiles, start up firms, and even side jobs are highlighted on the career platform. Have your first look by clicking the button below!

3. Come in contact with companies

After your first initial search on the career platform, you hopefully found a (side)job of your interest. Having found a potential job, there are several ways to come in contact with recruiters of the companies you are interested in:

  1. Send them an e-mail or start you application process. Contact details and company information are available in the company profiles
  2. Visit career events such as the Aureus Business Month and the Amsterdam Career Days
  3. Visit company inhouse events. Inhousedays are the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what a firm has to offer. Click here for an event overview.
  4. Come in contact with Aureus Alumni by filling in this form. We will check our network to see if we can find you a suitable match.

4. Apply for the job

Once you have found a potential sidejob or the future job of your choice, step 3 is to prepare yourself for the job application process. Preparing yourself for your job application – and the job market in general – starts with setting up a LinkedIn account.