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Step 6. E-assessments

(E-)assessments are an important part of job application procedures in the Netherlands. In general, there are several types of assessments tests. Most of them are online aptitude tests, but part of them are also personal assessment tests. Most tests focus on numerical and logical/diagrammatic reasoning, others also on verbal reasoning.

Start preparing for your assessment

To prepare yourself for the e-assessments Aureus set up a collaboration with HelloTest. The trainings offered by HelloTest are tailored to company specific assessment questions. So, if you apply for a specific company, you can explicitly practice for their assessment.

As an Aureus member you will receive longer access, huge discounts on the assessment trainings. In addition, you will get free access to the assessment introduction training!

After you have explored the world of (e-)assessments at the above mentioned sources, it is time to go to the next step: the job interview.