From the GDP 2020-2021 team:

The last couple of months we have been very busy searching for a nice project. The constantly changing corona measures didn’t make it any easier for us. But we did it, we found an interesting project and partner and we are very excited to announce it to you!

This year, the Graduates Development Program will take place in Amsterdam. Despite being much closer to home, there are still serious issues that our project will work on.

The project we will work on is called: “Fight 4 your Future”. This is an initiative of charity organisation “Blik op Talent”.

Blik op Talent is a dynamic foundation in Amsterdam which carries out projects in the field of participation and employment guidance. They also focus on developing and providing training for specific target groups. Innovation, creativity and talent are their core values. Their vision is that every person has talents. They work together with partners such as the local business community, social institutions and training providers to provide the widest possible range of options. They carry out socially relevant projects with a focus on investing in developing skills and talent.

One of their projects is Fight 4 your Future. This projects helps troubled youth. Teenagers with PTSD, education deficit, substance abuse and many other problems are supported by this project. They offer an unique program in which those teenagers will get to work with their mental and physical wellbeing to get more out of their lives. In 12 weeks they learn how to set goals and how to achieve them. After this they will be fully prepared for a job they like or an education.

We will be working on a business plan, in order for the organisation to gain more sustainable sources of finance. Additionally, we will be doing a cost-benefit analysis of the Fight 4 your Future project, in order to evaluate its successes and areas of improvement. Our support for this is that we will help the project grow a name for more sustained funding and that they can benefit from our help on the long term. We will also be raising money to organize events for the teenagers. We as a committee, together with participants will decide what kind of events this will be.

We can’t wait to start working together with Blik op Talent. Right now we are busy recruiting the participants, keeping contact with Blik op Talent and we are working on the annual charity auction.

We hope to soon provide you with new information about the project, and if you are interested, please apply before Sunday the 31st of January, 23:59.

Have a good one,