The Aureus Development Program (ADP) is a project by Aureus formed by bachelor and master students from the SBE at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs in developing countries to improve their small businesses by providing them with knowledge. Next to this, the program will contribute to the development of local communities and the long-term and sustainable success of local businesses. In collaboration with our local partner, the ADP team is visiting every year different companies to help local farmers. Doing so, we hope to share our knowledge and ensure continuity of the small businesses of the farmers.

ADP is also an initiative aimed at providing students with an opportunity to develop their professional and personal skills. You and other students will run this unique student development project and will travel to the other side of the world for three weeks. The ADP gives you the opportunity to use your academic knowledge & help communities in a developing country to improve their small businesses and community.

The ADP team consists of 5 committee members who choose a project at the beginning of the year and work out the specifics, and 10 participants who join in February, where the project starts.

The project is divided into 3 phases:

  • the acquisition phase to raise money, with the main event being the auction
  • the research phase about the country itself to guarantee the best help possible
  • the trip to the country where the business students put their knowledge into practice

In July, the ADP team starts their journey to the developing country and help the entrepreneurs for 3 weeks to make a real difference.

Sounds interesting? Do not miss your chance to join the Aureus Development Program!