Imagine Digital Lifehack: how to impress your audience

7 November 2023

  • When

    7 November 2023

  • Time

    10:00 - 12:00

  • Where


  • Who

    3rd year students & Master students

  • Language

(Only for dutch-speaking students)

During your study, and later on in your professional career, you (most likely) have to give loads of presentations. Unfortunately, a lot of presentations are hard to follow, due to poor structure. As a result, the audience doesn’t understand the main message and you are basically ‘on stage’ for nothing, that’s a shame, right?

Therefore, we (Imagine Digital) will teach you an easy-to-use method to structure your presentation to impress the whole audience! Not only will this method help you become a next TEDx presenter, it is also very helpful for structuring the tons of scientific papers that you have to muddle through during your studies. 

We are Imagine

Imagine knows exactly what traditional firms and organisations need to grow digitally. With integrating digital solutions in the client’s activities we are stimulating the growth and amplifying the client’s positioning. 

We are working together with companies on complex cases and situations. We are working on new innovative solutions to match the dynamical digital world and we accompany the firms with the operations of the tools, implementing of long term goals and to redesign their strategy

Wait no longer and sign up to uplift your presentation and summarising skills with us on November 8. See you there!